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Why is your music career failing

Jul 112017



Rappers, singers, aspiring future super stars of the music world do you know why your music

career is failing? Its because you need to make a Shift in your way of thinking, if you cant afford

$50 to purchase a beat how are you ever going to afford $150 for mixing and mastering or

$1800-$3600 for promotion?your dead in the water before you even started and you cant

download mixing mastering or promotion from youtube. So what are you going to do? Let go

of your dream? quit trying to do music? or figure out exactly how much money its going to cost

you to accomplish your music goal make a plan to execute that goal make a plan to get the

money and execute on that goal.This is very simple be realistic and execute consistently until

all your little wins become big wins, there are no hand outs short cuts quick fixes or magic

buttons.There is no such thing as overnight success this is a long slow journey don't waste

months or years on gimmicks and excuses start chasing your dreams now. See you at the top.


Top 5 tips to get more fans on social media

Jun 122017



1.create valuable content relevent to your target audience consistently

2.Engage your audience reply to comments,visit their pages and leave coments and

feedback on their content love first before you expect to get love back

4.No more than 20% of your post should be promoting your products or services

5. Be yourself and have fun

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Total music marketing strategy

Jun 122017


i know you had a dream of being a rapper and making alot of money with your music but you are struggling to make any traction, that doesnt have to be the end of your musical story the reality is you dont need a record deal or an investor or even alot of money to get started so i have put together a step by step strategy to get you going

if you are not working get a part time or full time job to fund your music

secondly set up your own home studio so you can record whenever you want
if you already have a laptop or a pc you just need to add an audio interface,xlr mic,pop filter ,daw(your audio interface will come with a daw) and mic stand. buy a bundle for under $300 this is a one time payment you can
you can get one here or search for other bundle offerings Studio bundle

next do basic mixing to your vocals after recording you can look this up for free on youtube

use landr to master your tracks $20 each

or you can use fiverr to get your tracks mixed and mastered by someone who understands the process a little better than you $5 and up each

use Distrokid to distribute your music to google music,spotify and tidal this is a yearly fee of $20 and you get unlimited distribution

use ontrapages to create free landing pages offer your best song as a free download in exchange for an email sign up

sign up with aweber to create your email list and auto responder this is where your landing page will send all your subscribers and how you will stay in contact with them

you will create 10 emails that go out once a week the first one will be a welcome email with the download link to your free song this goes out

immediately the other 9 are meant to build a relationship with your fans to get thwem to know-like and trust your brand so that they will

spend money on your music 80% should be greta free content 20% should be a sales offer that breaks down like this email 1 free download

2-4 free content(music videos -in studio content -vlog-blog posts etc) email 5 something for sale ie 5 track ep for $5 emails 6-9 more free

content email 10 album purchase or create a monthly subscription service for $10 a month where subscribers get all new music for free. you

can add more emails to make your drip campaign longer which builds more trust but start off with at least ten

buy perry marshalls ultimate guide to facebook marketing $17 from barnes and noble or take it out from your public library for free

setup facebook ads promoting your free offer $150-$300 a month (this is where the part time job comes in handy) run $10 a day ads targeting your ideal fans create a video ad of your music playing and offer a free download and music updates in exchange for and email your ad should not run for less than two weeks you should get between 400 and 800 sign ups a month

you can also run a second facebook ad driving traffic to your streaming service links tidal,google play spotify and start generating revenue off of streaming for another $150-$300 a month you can reach between 60,000 to 120,000 people per month

here are the latest pay rates for streaming

you now have a business in a box that you can fund fully yourself for not a lot of money without a record label or investor just you a little bit of knowledge and consistent work go get that music money


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