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How to build a home studio affordably

Aug 282018

Chapter 1 Home studio setup.


There are a few things you will need to successfully setup a functioning home recording studio

1.laptop or desktop (1 terabyte hdd and 8 gigs ram minimum) it is the brain of your studio interface this what will process all your sound it is basically an external sound card but much more powerful than your computers sound card

3. Digital audio workstation or DAW for short this is the program that you will use to actually record and edit your vocals

4.microphone (xlr/condenser is preferable)

5.headphones (you never want to record without headphones or your speakers will cause a feedback loop with your mic

6. Studio monitors(speakers) these are optional as you can do everything from headphones but they give you a better representation of the true sound of your recording

7.pop filter filters out the harsh wind sounds of letters like s and p

8. Acoustic treatment this is to prevent sound from bouncing off, the walls back into your mic referred to as reflection you can use acoustic foam,heavy blankets,strategically placed furniture carpeting or you can use a reflection filter

9.if you will do your own mixing then a mix console or mixing plugins can be added jf not you dont need these

10.your studio monitors should be at least 3 feet apart from each other and 3 feet away from you forming a triangle to your listening position


here is a list of all my gear


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