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Why is your music career failing

Jul 112017



Rappers, singers, aspiring future super stars of the music world do you know why your music

career is failing? Its because you need to make a Shift in your way of thinking, if you cant afford

$50 to purchase a beat how are you ever going to afford $150 for mixing and mastering or

$1800-$3600 for promotion?your dead in the water before you even started and you cant

download mixing mastering or promotion from youtube. So what are you going to do? Let go

of your dream? quit trying to do music? or figure out exactly how much money its going to cost

you to accomplish your music goal make a plan to execute that goal make a plan to get the

money and execute on that goal.This is very simple be realistic and execute consistently until

all your little wins become big wins, there are no hand outs short cuts quick fixes or magic

buttons.There is no such thing as overnight success this is a long slow journey don't waste

months or years on gimmicks and excuses start chasing your dreams now. See you at the top.


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